Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Have I Been Doing?

After a fellow blogger made underhanded comments about my tardiness to update my blog, i decided to do something about it today. I was actually surprised to see that i haven't written a post since July!!!!

Since that time, I have been on vacation...TWICE, received an increase in salary, received a promotion; Jamaica has had a general election, a change in ruling party, a hurricane (sideswiped, thank god!!!) and flood rains. Lucky Dube has been killed in South Africa, Jah Cure free from prison in Jamaica and Beenie Man separated form his wife. All in all, alot has happened in the three months since my last post.

Then there was Mellovibes last night..Now you should all know that I am no spring chicken, and while i do make an effort to drag myself from in front of the tv from time to time and go shake a leg or lyme with friends, I am normally willing the time to pass quickly so that i can get back to my Well not so last night. For some reason, i have never been to Mellovibes before, something (vacations included) has always come up causing me to miss it, but i have always recognized it as a party that i would really enjoy. Music from the 80s and 90s!!!! I danced so hard last night that at one point i thought i was having an asthma attack. I was doing the running man in three inch heels for chrissake......and the intermittent downpours didn't help either. I didn't even remember that i could bubble down to the ground...LOL .....I love 80s-90s music!!

oh yeah...I have also been working very hard. The stress at work is never ending...but here's to more Mellovibes!!!!



Adrian said...

it has been so long for real. lol when I clicked over here it all came back to me.

congrats on all the good stuff :p

I like the 90's parties too but havent been to one in a few years.. need to remedy that.

Nickiesha said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mrs. runnin man!!
i too enjoyed myself....i have never been to one but i too knew i would enjoy cause i do not like boogu yagga musi...dis seems perfect! was perfect..LIKE UR PIC THERE!!