Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Telephone Love?

So i am still single and on a quest to find true love....uhmmmmm or something like that. I have met quite a few young men who seem interesting enough and though my extremely busy schedule has prevented as much face to face interaction as i would have liked, i figure there is always the phone. The only thing wrong with that scenario is that i really am not big on the phone thing.

So i met a young man whose first transgression was to call 6 times daily (egad!!) what are we going to talk about so many times......i think he finally understood that i wasnt up for that and he eased up somewhat. He now calls like every other day, i guess on his off days would be my turn to call, but i am honestly fearful of calling him (i just cant afford it). He has now progressed into the marathon caller. Please note that i have still not received a land line and thus all phone conversations take place via cell phone. This dude is actually responsible for my now using the ear piece with the phone, as the phone gets so hot, i can no longer hold it next to my ear.

The last phone convo we had lasted for 47 minutes.......though i did indicate that the phone was getting hot, that we had already covered some of the topics being brought up, that i had to go eat my dinner.....the conversation just would not end. Actually i am starting to believe that maybe i am not as interested in this young man as i thought, cos surely, if i were then his calls or long conversations would not become tiresome....and the thing is i really like when he calls, but after the first 15 minutes, i am ready to call creeeeeeee.

Catching Up

Wow.....i haven't been here in a while. This is mainly because the move described in my last post resulted in me having no phone and therefore no internet, dialup, dsl or otherwise....i am now working on getting wireless broadband so hopefully the drought will end soon.

So many things have happened since my last post........Jamaica has since gotten its first female Prime Minister - she will be sworn in tomorrow, while our school girls are being recorded while performing sexual acts....... we swept all the sprint events ( i mean every single one) at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, James Blake has made it into the top 10 of the ATP tour, Martina Hingis is proving that she is back.....and i have begun loc'ing my to come.....maybe jus maybe.

Its really been a crazy three months...