Saturday, May 13, 2006


Yup, that i am. So i drink coffee to get me through the day. Unfortunately this also seems to affect my sleep at nights, and therefore, the earlier i go to bed, the earlier i awake. I am definitely gonna have to stop drinking coffee.

My tiredness is as a result of increased work pressures, generated by an overabundance of overseas clients. I know these people are used to having someone assigned to their project who is always available for that project only. Unfortunately, my company operates a little differently and we are sometimes working on up to six projects at a time, the local clients will understand this, seeing as they operate in the same way. Our overseas clients - not so much!

I look into the future (with my all knowing eye) and see NO EASE UP for at least the next three months - *sigh*.

By the way, i work in the construction sector, and it is said that one of the best indicators of growth in the country is the performance of the construction industry. Well, we are obviously experiencing enormous growth because the construction sector is out of control, our cement makers cannot keep up, though that seems to be a problem worldwide. Now if only this could translate into real prosperity for the masses!

On a sadder note, Our 100 metre champion, Asafa Powell lost his world record to the american Justin Gatlin yesterday....What a depressing way to the end a stressful week!