Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mosquitoes and Me

Everybody who knows me, know that mosquitoes don't bite me...somewhere somehow in some conversation it will come up and i will make it known. If i am standing with a group of people and they are all being bitten, I am standing there quite calmly, accusing them of lying because i feel nothing. Of course, the general consensus is that i have 'bad blood', because it seems mosquitoes only bite those with 'good blood'. Well it seems my blood must have gotten a whole lot better lately, because the mosquitoes have taken to me with a vengeance. Of course, while i am happy with the improved status of my blood, it just happens to coincide with the outbreak of Malaria that we are facing in Kingston.

I now have aromatic mosquito candles, insect repellent, my trusty vape mats....and still i am being has gotten to the point where i don't even care anymore...i just nonchalantly comment to those around me...."darn these mosquitoes"...of course i am keeping a watch for flu like symptoms and will certainly take myself off to the nearest hospital or to my mommy in Mobay if any were to manifest. I can be sure of good care in mobay because my mom is a well liked and respected nurse at the major hospital there....thank god for mommy! Still i wonder what's the flying range of mosquitoes? and Kingston (hell Jamaica!!) is so damn small, can i be content knowing that i live on the other side of the city from the most affected communities?

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