Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My slight headache is a brain tumour????

So i finally went to the orthodontist after repeated urging from my dentist....I decided to get the assessment done and move from there. Afterall i had what i thought was a slight problem - my top and bottom teeth meet edge to edge instead of the bottom ones being slightly inside of the top ones (a slight under bite?). I also have an inherited condition that results in a hardly noticeable missing incisor. I however have a beautiful smile that i constantly get complimented on. :)

I think the first sign of a problem was when the treatment co-ordinator said "oh oh, you have many problems there." I was like 'what? I barely have one little problem'. It became even clearer that things weren't going well when we sat to look at the many closeups she had taken of my face and teeth and said "hmmmm u may have to do dental surgery to correct for that missing tooth". SURGERY? (BTW big up to Blends, my face looked almost flawless on my close-ups). She became quite agitated and went to get the Orthodontist who looked at the pictures and became extremely grim.

He looked at my profile and asked me what did i think of my jaw. I commented that i have fat cheeks? He said your lower jaw is too big, you are gonna have to do surgery to pull back the jaw bone, and we are gonna have to extract three incisors to maintain the symmetry of your teeth...this after 24 months of braces. When he saw the incredulous look on my face he told me to hop on to the examination chair and proceeded to list all my defects to his eager co-conspirator.

Open bite
Cross bite
protruding lower jaw
missing teeth
spaces between teeth


Full orthodontic treatment suggested - 28 - 30 months of braces. Dental surgery after 24 months to correct the protruding lower jaw, retainers for the rest or your life.


His projected treatment costs totalled USD 13,440.00 and yes he quoted his prices in US dollars. Does anyone even remember that slight problem that i had before i entered his office. I did comment that this is the exact reason people hated going to doctors...all i wanted were painkillers for this slight headache and what do I get - a prediction that my life as i know it, is coming to an end.

Well i am sure you all can tell that i am keeping my openbite/crossbite/protruding jaw/spaced out teeth smile that i know is absolutely beautiful.

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