Sunday, April 01, 2007

I wish i blogged more!!

But hey! I am not a writer and i writer i shall never be..i don't even feel bad about my lack of blogging...a fellow blogger even threatened to remove the link to my blog...but still i am unmoved...a writer i am not. That said let me get right into it. I expect to move into my own apartment before the month is out. I am hoping this will be a defining moment in my life as i really cannot identify any thing thus far which i have found to be life altering. Maybe its just my outlook on life and my willingness to work with the hands that i have been dealt, but there has really been nothing that i can pinpoint which has redirected my thoughts or actions. My experiences thus far has helped to shape the person i am today; but to pinpoint an event and, this is where i became a better person, i just cannot do it. Now there have been points in my life that i can point out as being important..but were they eureka moments.? i just don't think so!

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