Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Men: Cant live with them, Cant live without them!

My christmas vacation was quite tiring...I spent it in florida, lyming shopping and having a general good time with friends!! I visited the MGM studios in Orlando...what a colossal wsate of time.....only two rides of any note, and we could only get on to one of them - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- and a terror it was...i may scan a picture of what i looked like during that ride!!!

So i returned home ready to move house and restart work! I actually moved on the first day of work and took half a day off to do so. The movers were late and completed the move well into the evening, leaving me with lots of "little" stuff to move and numerous trips from my car, up the 21 steps to my new abode. By the time i called it quits for the night, i was dead tired. All i could think of was a hot shower and my bed, which thankfully i had made up well in advance. I grab all my bathroom stuff, rush into the bathroom and pulled up short. What did i encounter??? the biggest croaking lizard i have ever come across in all my years, just hanging out over the bath tub.

Now i am afraid of lizard but not in the deathly afraid category, so i calmly backed away, put my stuff down and went searching for the insecticide. I take some tentative steps toward the lizard, spray him and the dumb creature runs up into the roof instead of out the wide open window right beside him...I step forward again and spray aggressively this time, the lizard now runs toward me instead of away from me....of course at this time i run screaming from the bathroom all thoughts of bathing gone from my mind!!! When i could finally breathe normally again, i called my mom who i knew would understand considering her enormous fear of them. I then called my ex (who for a minute there i was wishing wasnt my ex and therefore would have been honour bound to come get rid of this monster) and he proceeded to laugh at me. I could barely hang up the phone before the tears came...(sorry sometimes i do cry)!

By this time i understood that there would be no shower, nor any sleeping in my freshly made bed and i cried for the loss of these things. I proceeded to the living room where i made my bed on my sofa (which was thankfully in the middle of the room away from all walls) and thankfully only dreamt once that the lizard was actually in my pillow. Suffice it to say i could barely make it to work the following morning and i was dead on my feet for the entire day!!

I couldn't help but think that it's situations like these when we single women really miss having a significant other who whatever their fears, would put on a big bold front and rescue their damsel in distress!!!