Friday, September 16, 2005

Single Girls Need to Look Good?

Not that i wasn't concerned about this before, but there is a certain comfort that comes with being in a long term relationship. I no longer have that. I have actually battled weight issues since my university days when i went from 'chicken back' to a full fledged 'chicken'. Unfotunately my five month sojurn into pregnancy didn't help either and i put on more weight which had seemed impossible to lose. However, during my year abroad, i lost a lot of pounds and returned home looking svelte and hot!!! These pounds, i searched for and took back and probably found a few more here and there, especially after surgery. I am again seeking a way to get rid of them and so joined the much heralded Gymkhana located at the Hilton Hotel in New Kingston.

I have never seen so many bodies that look so good! Talk about inspiration! Well i started on Monday and have been every day except one. The thing is, i really feel on a high when i leave and this continues way into the next day. Is this the start of a gym obsession? I certainly hope so!!! Will i get that hot bod that i am seeking? I certainly hope so. I have also started playing tennis again and i am aiming for at least one tennis session weekly. My first session back was really good given that tennis is such an unforgiving sport, punishing even the slightest betrayal with a loss of form. I wasn't even as tired as i expected to be.....though i slept for like half a day once i got home.

Well it is friday, and though i have no idea where i am going, some mates and i are hitting the town...Kingston here I come!!!!