Thursday, August 31, 2006

Growing Up

I haven't blogged in a while mostly because i have been extremely busy. Busy with work and busy falling in love. I can admit that part of what has kept me from posting is selfishness....I did not want to share my joy with the world (lol). This may sound strange since you would think that with all these wonderful emotions flowing through me, i would be anxious to share my good fortune, but it may be my age or experience or my being a little scared (wouldn't wan't to jinx it now) that drove my actions.

Still here i am at last.

On the work front more responsibility, a little pay increase, bigger projects and more staff to supervise have really contributed to one of my busiest periods ever, add to that increased business trips (who is complaining really) and i wonder how i survive. Now to make matters worse, i am considering not one but two additional jobs for the remainder of the year. The two oldest tertiary institutions in the land have requested my services for this semster. My mom thinks i should do it (need di money if i am ever going to own a home), the mister is very supportive but is more cautious given the possibility of even more responsibilities in Job #1, and the boss is not exactly saying dont, but is insisting i give it some serious thought......especially since he is thinking of expanding the business to other shores......twelve weeks of this wont kill me right???

On the personal front, the most wonderful young (lol) man has entered my life. As i have posted before, i thought the options here were very limited and lo and behold this has proven to be true, as Mr. Man lives some 1638 +/- 5 miles away from me. This makes things very difficult but makes it all the sweeter when we do get together. Of course i am trying to take things slowly, but i really don't want to (lol), i told him its destiny (not too sure if he agrees), but he is certainly all i have ever wanted (and some). Sometimes i try to explain to him the similarities between him and my dreams, but i aint too sure he gets it. Anyway, at this moment, he loves me, i love him and nothing seems impossible.

I would promise to not wait so long before the next post, but i would probably be lying!