Sunday, December 18, 2005

Partying in Jamaica? Get there EARLY

Welcome to the Silly Season in Jamdown....aka the party till you drop season....Christmas in Jamaica is not only a time when families come together, but because family members come from all over the world to be here, it is also a time when parites (sessions) abound. In the world of reggae/dancehall music, Jamaica is the place to be during the christmas season, many overseas based performers and selectas (disk jockeys) come down for non-stop partying it seems....

So i had a party filled party on friday night, followed by two parties and a stage show(concert where various artistes perform) on saturday night!! We arrived at the party on friday night at 2 am (yes folks that is not a misread!) and the venue was empty....the party flopped may be your next thougt, but you would be very far from the truth. The thing is patrons did not begin to arrive until 3:30 am! Some of the selectors who were also billed to spin records did not arrive until 4:30 am....the man who was throwing the party (he should have been the first one there right?) didn't make his entrance until 4:20 am! We left the party, which was still in full swing, at 6:30 am!!

On to saturday night...the concert, dubbed "Welcome to Jamrock" with Damian (Junior Gong) Marley as the headliner was billed to start at 9 pm and started promptly on time....night noise laws in Kingston require that parties end by 2 am (unless the police in the jurisdiction are suitably compensated), and ended on time. We then moved unto a staff party we had visited earlier where we had "dinner". Following this we moved on to the next party (session) and arrived there at 3:30 am...still a little early as the selectors were just getting warmed up! I again left this party at 6:30 am and headed home to catch up on some sleep!!!

This partying trend of mine is obviously not going to continue....i refuse to get to a party so ridiculously late (early?)....anytime before 4 am is a waste of time! Am i really to leave my home at that hour for a fun "night" out on the town? I think i will stick to clubs (which are just marginally better where the time thing is concerned by the way!), where i can at least be leaving at 4 am, instead of arriving!!