Sunday, August 21, 2005

Broke & Happy

I am approaching the end of my second month as a single girl and what have i learnt? The bills are a lot bigger when you no longer share them. Though the utility bills are reduced somewhat, the sum total is a whopping increase in living expenses..mine has actually more than doubled. But what the hell, at least i am happy right?

And happy I am, I cannot remmeber a time when i have enjoyed myself more. As i struggle to make ends meet (lol), i hit the town regularly (and mind you, dateless) for some of the most fun times i have had in a long time....some times its with my "friend plus" as others have dubbed him and sometimes its just with friends. Its a pity though that when the nights are done and a new day has begun, the reality of life in Kingston hits again.

Not only is our murder rate spiralling out of control (an average of 150 people monthly are killed) and most of us believe that many murders go unreported, but so is our inflation rate! Actually, the electricity company announced a rate increase that is due to inflation. Now correct me if i am wrong, but i thought things like the increase in electricity rates drove inflation and not the other way round. Are we then caught up in a viscious cycle from which there is no escape? Our inflation rate for the past financial year was reported at about 13% and we KNOW that it is forever underestimated!

How are we going to survive? Will we be able to survive?