Friday, November 02, 2007

How much is too much?

Where do we draw the line? At what point can we take no more? When should we just say enough is enough.....stop now!

well it has been raining almost continuously for the last four weeks. I think there was a three day break at one point, but that occurred while i was off the island, so as far as i am concerned, the rain has not stopped. Now i love rainy weather, i love the overcast skies, i love the sound of raindrops on my window and i love the slight breeze and cooler temperatures that it brings.

The only thing i hate about the rain is the Jamaican road. Craters the size of small cars open up, water flows along it like a re-directed river, traffic is bumper to bumper, no one wants to wait and intersections become gridlocked, and my usual 5 minute journey to the gym becomes 30 minutes.

Apart from this, it's still love, so while the majority of Jamaicans are begging for a ease in the weather, i am happily going along singing "send down the rain!"

Let me add that i commiserate with those who have been flooded out, or have lost property due to landslide. One person lost her life when a landslide took part of her home and my condolences go out to her family.


Nickiesha said...

to much!
me now whe nu drive an haffi go bout mi bizniz a day time...going home in the rain is bad enough..u can imagine u dress fi skool an bare tings an get wet fore u reach?...mi a wanda if we a go have rain(snow) christmas day?

Adrian said...

I hate the gridlock the rain brings too.. I just leave work a bit earlier to compensate. but other than that I love this weather!

lol nickiesha the rainy season soon finish and it will be back to the scorching hot days again.

Kara - Jamaican Woman said... TWO loyal
the sun came out this morning and i thought we finally had a break in the weather...but then by 11 am, down came the rain....and i am still loving it....even though i got caught in a store uptown without my umbr-ella -ella -ella aaaayyy

Stunner said...

Oh yes, I think we have had too much rain now too! Don't get me wrong i love how cool the place is, cause trust me, my apartment hot like fyah on a sunny day! But man the place is soaked through and through! I'm not complaining too much, because I actually got a chance to wash a load of clothes this morning!

PS I doubt it was me you saw in Mega Mart, haven't been there in quiet a while!

Anonymous said...