Sunday, June 05, 2005

On the Edge of War

This between the Private Sector and the Government/Police. Why? There are accusations of hypocrisy, among other things, being slung by both sides, all stemming from the private sector led move that i mentioned in the last post. In my opinion, all parties mentioned must shoulder some of the blame . The government of course has a responsibility to ensure that social mechanisms are in place to stem crime, and they have also helped to fuel the problem with the "don" era and more. The private sector too must accept some responsibility cause they spearheaded the rise of the "extortionist" era. Then there are the police who were once extortionists themselves. But no matter at whose feet the blame lies...we all are now responsible for finding solutions to the problem at hand - these violent criminals who seek to run us from our beloved homeland!!!

Last week's big story was that of a gang of men along a main road who would jump out of side roads, shoot into vehicles driving along the road, and then run back into hiding. It seems this was a ploy(?) to get police and soldiers into the area. Of course many persons were injured and there was one reported death from these actions and the public was advised to stay away from the area. A soldier was also killed after the lawmen responded as expected.

Now onto personal matters, i restarted work this week! It was so difficult and to add to the stress of work, my boyfriend's father died early Sunday morning in hospital, some seven weeks after one of his son's committed suicide. Believe me, u can only imagine the stress that the family is going through. I probably spent a total of 20 hours at work this week. I expect that next week will be better and i will be lobbying for additional help in my department. You would not believe the amount of work that sat there awaiting my return...whew!!! I will also start back some light gym work next week and by the middle of June...TENNIS....its on now folks...

Anyway, as mentioned before, life in Kingston may be more ordinary than you believe, and i am going to get ready now to hit the beach at Hellshire just outside the capital to buy some fry fish and festival, and then go to watch the national volleyball teams in training before returning home to get ready for work tommorrow.

selah...but i will return!!

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