Thursday, May 26, 2005

Its All Over!!

So I thought i would be here alot more, since i was home and doing nothing anyway...but it seems that if you do nothing, then you have nothing to talk about.

Well yesterday the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) organized a work stoppage to bring attention to the levels of crime in our society. For the most part people complied but there were also some hostility to the move because many people are of the opinion that if a well known businessman had not gotten killed, they would have sat down and done nothing. Of course, whether you agreed with the PSOJ or not, one thing everybody agreed on, is that the action is not expected to lead to any new solutions or any lessening of the violent crimes. All that aside, the greatest shock to me was the fact that 600 jamaicans have been killed since the start of the year 2005. Five months....30 jamaicans a week....and the worst part is that i hear that some of these killings are just random to bring up the murder rate......NOW IF THEY ARE NOT CRAZY THEN I GUESS I AM. I hope they like it when a STATE OF EMERGENCY is declared and the same police that they complain about actually get the backative to shoot and kill; because they CANNOT believe that the powers that be are going to sit back and watch total anarchy reign....well maybe its me that does not believe that!

So what have i been doing? NOTHING....but starting next week i can start light exercises and the doctor said tennis can restart in the middle of june....You think i am happy...yes i am!!!! As soon as I am finished here I will give my coach a call and give him the good news. And that's not all, starting next week, I also go back to work. Now that i am sad about, I thought i would have been bored stiff for six weeks and dying to get back to work...NOPE, not at all, I want another week!! But i will go back and i will become stressed in exactly 2 hours...I had a backlog of stuff to clear, that i did not get through and there are a million things piling up on my desk awaiting my return.

Well I am off to grand ole Paris (figuratively) for the French Open!!

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