Sunday, June 19, 2005

Forgive us O' G8 our debts

Life continues as normal here in Kingston....Murders continue, police corruption continue, domestic violence against women continue, and lo and behold our debts are still here!! When I first heard that the G8 was considering debt relief for the poorest nations of the world, I was sure that Jamaica would have been included! Yes I drove through Norbrook last week and yes i saw the FABULOUSLY architectured Mausoleums some people call homes....and yes i drove through Jacks Hill and gazed down in awe at the wonderful structures (homes?) within the Manor Park area, but still yet i was convinced that Jamaica would qualify. Unfortunately we did not, we were greeted with the news that the only "caribbean" nation to qualify was Guyana. Can u say green with envy? Maybe we can get some cheap(er) rice!!! Anyway, we will now watch with interest how Guyana manages their good fortune.

I am very upbeat today since my b/f who has been gone for like 12 days comes home today. He has finally qualified as an International Volleybal Referee and will return from the Panamerican Tournament (female) in triunmph. The national team........not so much!!! But hopefully they have gotten invaluable experience that will help them in their bid to qualify for the world championships. Today is also Father's day, so i am going out of my way to make this day special for him, which of course means i am extremely tired already, and its only 10 am.

Have to go now, cant talk too long, there are too many things to do!!!

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