Saturday, April 02, 2005

On the Edge?

The past week was an interesting one to say the least. On one hand there is all the revelry that comes with Jamaica Carnival and on the other the violence that continues in sections of our society. There were some interesting statistics in one newspaper this week and i will quote it unchanged. The following can be found at the following url:

"Jamaica's homicide count stood at a frightening 411 at the end of March, according to police crime statistics. Three of the country's bloodiest divisions ­ St. Andrew South, St. Catherine North, and St. James ­ have contributed to just under half of the number of persons murdered since January."

St. Andrew South: 56
St. Catherine North: 69
St. James: 40

And to top it all off, there was a prison break attempt at our largest correctional facility on the very last day of the month. Four people were killed in the melee.....three prisoners and one correctional officer (prison guard). Someway or other a handgun got into the hand of a prisoner just after the start of visiting hours and he fired at the guards who eventually returned fire. Does this sound like WAR????

So i have been watching alot of tennis this week at the Nasdaq Open.....via my tv of course. Venus is always my sentimental favourite but she came up just a little short vs Sharapva this week. The finals is later to day, Sharapova vs Clijsters and i expect Clijsters to take the crown. I have already played tennis today and will go back this afternoon to play another dreaded guess the sabbatical is over.....wish me luck!!!!

I have also been trying to work a little harder this week. Work is extremely stressful, too much work and too little time and too little human department needs another person desperately and to top it off, i will be out for 6 weeks starting in the middle of April. I plan to do a relatively routine operation but the recovery time is listed as 6 weeks. I think they may provide me with a laptop to help me (them) get through the recovery period!!! I dont think i can sit at home for 6 weeks doing absolutely nothing but watch tv anyway!!!! I would go crazy!!! I expect my internet usage and thus my phone bill (yes i still use to triple during this period!!!!

And i cant tell the last time i went out!!! Hmmmm too much work and no play, does not a happer person make!!!!

I am gone again for now....i am sure you will see alot more of me very soon!!!

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Hey, kara...just dropping by to say "hello" and that I enjoy your blogs and will bookmark your site...

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