Friday, March 25, 2005

Its a holiday!!

Well hello again!

Today is a public holiday in Jamaica and so is Monday!!! Yes, you calculated right, a four day weekend! Most kingstonians are gone to different parts of the country for this weekend - Negril, Mobay, Ochi!! Its a big lime! I happen to still be in kingston but should be headed to Montego Bay on saturday afternoon. I will hit the beach on Sunday for the entire day. The beach at rosehall beach club must be the one of the best in the world!!! Yes i said it..IN THE WORLD!!! Its also the week before jamaica carnival and soca parties abound. I will however spend my weekend resting and relaxing because work has been very stressful lately and i expect that to continue when i return next week. Of course, i did take some work home with me. If i didn't i would feel extremely guilty for the entire weekend.

My boyfriend, his daughter and I are going to watch The Pacifier in the early afternoon and will probably spend the rest of the evening watching DVDs. I will probably attempt to do some work during our DVD watching period.

Tennis....well you know that i have taken a sabbatical from games....well i did play a tiebreak set to ten points with my coach yesterday and got 5 points off him......he was not amused!!!! I may soon return to my game playing ways......right now i am kind of feeling how Sharapova must be feeling after her 6-0 6-0 loss to Davenport!!!

Sigh...let me move on to the sadder aspects of life in Jamaica!! I finally saw another statistic on our murder figures. Up to wednesday the number of murders stood at 388 people, 147 more than the number of people killed up to the same period last year. Approximatley 1400 people were killed in Jamaica last year. Please also note that some murders are not reported and are thus not part of the official figures. At what point is the UN going to dispatch peacekeepers to our fair isle???? The government's new initiative is to use the defence force (soldiers) to beef up policing. While this may help, it really cannot work unless its on a sustained basis. And of course this may only be dealing with the symptoms of the disease instead of trying to get to the actual cause!!! Of course i certainly dont mind if when i am sick there is some medication that makes me feel better even if i am not cured.

Well i am out of here for now.....but see u all soon again.......

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