Monday, March 14, 2005

Life Mimics Music??

Ok...I know, I really should come here more often!!! I am really just very lazy!!! Spending all my internet time on some arbitrary bulletin board!!! LOL

Seriously now, in keeping with the title of this BLOG, we are in another state of anarchy...or it certainly sounds like it... Six people died in gunfights in Spanish Town, four died in another gunfight in August Town; a funeral which was attended by the Minister of Finance was shot up in Kingston...he had to run for cover; So did at least one of the English policemen (along with Bigga Ford) who went on the frontlines in Spanish Town. He reportedly remarked that the police were outgunned, those boys had AKs and automatic guns!!! And you thought Ele was joking when he requested that Aks be placed over di wall!!!

I am not sure anyone is tallying murders any more.. The total would probably send them into a state of shock.

And as unbelievable as it may seem, the majority of us continue on normally, watching the news to get our daily dose of Jamaica at war!!! You see, the violence tend to be localized in certain communities and once u avoid these areas you assume that you are safe!!! I think we will one day discover that in a nation at war, nobody is safe!!!

On to tennis!!! I am watching Aggasi vs Pavel at the pacific life open trying to catch some moves before my lesson tomorrow!! Unfortunately after a string of defeats (wont trouble you with the scores), I have requested of my coach that i play no more games until I think I am ready!!! Life's a bitch!! and then you die.......

Gone again....hopefully i will be back sooner rather than later!!!!

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