Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's been a while

I have not been around this side for a while. Just put it down to my being lazy.
I spoke about the murder statistics the last time i was here, I really must admit that they were so depressing that i stopped listening. There has been some decline in the weekly figures but it is still hovering in the high 20's weekly. Thank god the promised war for the murdered entertainer did not materialize; I cant imagine what the figures would have been like had that happened. The authorites had promised to bring in cops from Britain to aid us in crime fighting, i think the first set arrived in the island this week, and i know we all will be watching to see if there are improvements.

Life here has been the same as normal for the most. I have gone out a lot more than usual in the last two weeks, dinner dates, movies, sessions (pay parties!!). I am having a blast. Unfortunately, i am not doing so well on the work front. Promise to work harder this week.

Tennis not going so good either. Well thats not true, i am playing twice a week and getting better and better. Unfortunately i play a practice set every saturday and i keep losing that. But there is hope, because i am still playing better every week. For so long my tennis just consisted of just hitting with a partner and not playing any games. That is changing now, and you get to realize that its a whole different ball game. I have also started consistently going to the gym (again!!!). Trying to lose weight....damn its difficult, i want to lose at least 25 pounds eventually. Maybe i will keep you all updated.

Gone for now....and Blessup!!!

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