Saturday, April 09, 2005

Action At Last!!!!!

So this week had one of the most interesting events that i can remember. The police and soldiers carrried out a sneak operation in one of the most violence ridden communities in Spanish Town. They went in at about 4 am in the morning and imposed a 96 hour curfew and is doing house to house searching among other things. Students and workers with valid ids are allowed to enter and leave, everbody else is on lockdown!!

I for one agree with the proactive action of the police force and hope that some good comes of the operation. My discussion on the subject has not turned up one person who is against this move. At first it was reported that the community was also supportive and then suddenly their political representatives are crying foul, and saying that the communities are being victimized. Please remember that this was one of the three communites mentioned last post with more than 50 murders since the start of the year. Of course, the rhetoric has turned to those politicians who in their zeal to represent, actually misrepresent!!!

My fingers remain crossed.

So I just completed my second to last week of work (and tennis) before my 6 week layoff. Unfortunately, there is still so much work to do in my final week, that i am extremely stressed right now. Not even 2 hours of squash thursday night, plus 1.5 hrs of tennis this morning is helping. Yes you read correctly. I played squash for the first time ever this week. Four of us had a little company lyme, three of us were playing for the first time. I lost 9-0 like a million times to the one dude who plays regularly, but i was able to eke out victories over my other two compatriates!!! Maybe i should give up tennis for squash!!! But then who wants to be running around a little room chasing an even smaller ball!!!! It was good fun though. My tennis is probably the best it has ever been and i am gonna have to take at least 3 months off....STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN IS GONNA BE TOUGH....BUT I'M GONNA MAKE IT!!!!

Well gotta go now, i have a full day of work planned, see you next week!!

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