Thursday, July 21, 2005

Single in Kingston

Having embarked fully on my new single life in Kingston, i set out to thouroughly enjoy myself. I envisioned many nights of partying, movies, plays.....really everything that the movers and shakers enjoy. I was however brought crashing back to reality when i was informed that there is a serial rapist on the prowl in my well to do, right smack beside the Prime Minister, Uptown Kingston neighbourhood. Definitely not great news for a single girl in the city. Rushing to get home before nightfall, arranging to be escorted home if i want to work late, driving with all doors locked and windows up at all times, locking myself inside once i do get home. This was definitely not how i thought life was going to be. Now i pray fervently that the perpetrator will be caught quickly and maybe just maybe, i will be able to relax a little and breathe a little easier.

Now i have been off the dating scene for a little while and i think the "game" has changed somewhat. I met a young man, spoke to him in person twice, maybe four times total, and was informed by him that he is now taking himself off the market (right), and i should do the same as he is sure he has found his soul mate(?) Now we have never been out on a date, never spoken for more than 15 minutes, he doesn't even know my surname and yet he wants to visit me in my bachelorette pad and had the nerve to get angry when i refused. Men no longer try to woo us? Even if their only aim is to get us into bed? Maybe i should have told him my age when he asked, maybe then he wouldn't have been so quick to feed me the bull (crap, shite, kaka) that he did...or maybe i am just too old to be once again, a single girl in Kingston!

Anyway, we have a date tomorrow.......I wonder how that will go?


search said...

serial rapist....never saw that in the Gleaner WTF!!!

well as for the "date" with the man who suggest you take yourselves off the market.....noooo
what's wrong with him?

just take your time and enjoy yourself...besides someone is waiting to meet you in you know where ROFL

Brooks said...

You are a pretty good writer.

owen said...

yup should have definately told him your age. a guy can't go wrong with too much information.

ioio said...

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ioio said...

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