Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting Old Part Deux

When it rains, it certainly pours. Here i am again, just one day after writing my last blog entry. As unbelievable as it may seem, the reason is very simple. Having just moved house, i have yet to receive cable, internet, or phone services. I am like a ship without a captain, an aimless wanderer in the sea of life. I went and paid for both cable and internet services today...cost me a tidy sum too, but life is just not the same without these things which have become necessary to everyday life.

I also went to see the doctor today about my trick knee...i have been having problems since my university days (waaaaaaaaaay back in the day), but finally decided to go get it checked out..his verdict....I am old and fat and need to take care of my body....dammit...thank god for a healthy sense of self..otherwise i may be forced to kill somebody...Now if there was any doubt in my mind about the aging process, it has certainly been removed.

One thing that i will take away from my visit to the doctor today is the need for young athletes to care of their bodies. I will admit that i was bitter for a few minutes. The thought that my being athletic and playing a sport that i loved, a sport that kept me fit and strong, has now resulted in my having irreversible knee issues was a little much to bear. Should I then discourage my offspring (still hoping) from playing sports? I decided that the answer could not be as simple as this. There must be a way for youngsters to get all the positives that sports bring, without damning themselves to a pain filled life.

Or maybe I should just accept that i am an old bird now...lol


red rum said...

Participating in sports has far more positives than negatives so don't discourage them (when they come). Everything in moderation and supervision helps.

J.D said...

old bird it is...


Bobby said...

poooooh blah ...old? nah metamorphosis... baby ...metamorphosis

Spider said...

Go see a second doctor, I have noticed that it all depends on the doctor. Good luck!

Nickiesha said...

akara said "Should I then discourage my offspring (still hoping)"

hoping for u too love!

Kara - Jamaican Woman said...

@ redrum..i agree, that was the conclusion i arrived at.

@ JD...ha!!

@ bobby...i think i looooove u...lol

@ spider...thing is he wasn't even my doctor..a stop gap measure because my doc was on leave...cho

@nix..yes, keeping hope alive..:)