Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things Fall Apart

This title is very apt for a number of goings on in the society today.

Lets start with the most interesting......The People's National Party (PNP), the governing party in Jamaica are being accused of taking 'gifts' from a multinational company with which the country does business. Now in my opinion, no matter how u look at it, acceptance of such a 'gift' was inappropriate for a number of reasons. It was paid just around the time a new contract was being negotiated, the 'gift' is greater than the money earned by the country in any one year from the partnership, the gift horse, Trafigura Baheer, is not allowed under european laws to give 'gifts', the 'gift' was paid into a personal account rather than that of the party...and last but not least, Trafigura has insisted that it gave no 'gift' but had a commercial agreement with the body to which the money was paid....SOMETHING STINKS IN PARADISE!!

Anyway the local newspapers are covered with stories about this item so u can click any of the links below for more details - The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer and The Jamaica Herald. is reported that seven person were killed in one community within the past two weeks. The latest being that of a bus conductor who parted a fight between two girls (students in uniform), one of whom returned with men who dragged the conductor off the bus and took him to a nearby premises where he was shot in the head three times. The young lady was reportedly upset beccause the conductor had prevented her from stabbing the other girl. Things fall apart?

Lastly, tomorrow i shall call off the agreement to purchase the much loved apartment. It seems in the opinion of the valuator, it is worth at least 2 million less than what it is being sold for. Unfortunately for me, this is the opinion that the bank relies on and therefore i would not be able to obtain enough money from them to cover the deal. I am still hoping that the sellers will reduce their price substantially, but really i know this is a wild hope. So, as soon as this post is done i am off to go view some apartments advertised in the paper today. Hopefully i will fall i love with those and things will be put back together again.

Wish me luck and since its also my birthday...i am hoping that the stars are on my side.

Blessup until next time!


SimplEnigma said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo....the minute I read the title, I knew something was gonna be in there about the apartment. Sorry it fell through, but such is the fickleness of real estate. Anyway as they always say, "what is fi yuh cyah be un-fi yuh". I guess it wasn't in the stars.

The other day I was reading something about how people view certain professions. Car salesmen were viewed as the most dishonest - even after politicians. Funny how people think, they'd rather entrust their future to a politician than buy a lemon from a crooked car salesman...go figure.

But I'm gonna remain optimistic and positive that there are more great things happening in Jamaica than there are bad. Hopefully some of those good things will be reported more often.

Happy Belated Earthday!

SimplyFefe said...

Government scandal! Crime! These are the headlines everywhere. Mankind has never played nice. Sad, but TRUE!

Sorry about the apartment. It wasn’t meant for you. God has something better in mind. :)

De Immigrant said...

Yes, those politricks happen everyday, its just that they never rise to the surface as in this case.


Don' rush into any real estate decision, take your time, do it right. Is u have live there! said...

1. Ragashanti even in his capacity as radio personality is not automatically graduated to the rank of 'journalist.'
2. Come on. Do you honestly mean to tell me that you think the Prime Minister is suddenly 'disinterested' in the nations business because she was doodling during an 8 hour presentation?
lol said...

disregard the above.
My browser is acting the fool today.