Saturday, November 19, 2005

Roadblocks to Success

SO i have embarked on a weight loss project in which i am attempting to lose a relatively large chunk of weight and so I have began "dieting". This word i put in quotations because it is actually a misnomer as i am more attempting a lifestyle change in eating habits as opposed to a short term change solely for the purpose of losing weight. I am of course, also hitting the gym! My new eating regime calls for 5-6 small meals daily, eaten every three hours and i am also employing what is referred to as the zig zig technique of calorie restriction, where I reduce my calorie intake to 20% below that needed for weight maintenance for three days and then consume my regular calories on the fourth day. I must admit that i have gotten good results so far.

That of course was until this week so called "restaurant week" in kingston. Many restaurants have reduced dining cost appreciably as a promotional gimmick. Now i could not let this opportunity to enjoy some fine dining pass me by and i have already visited three of the participating restaurants for a combination of lunch and dinner. I also have a dinner tonight put on by the professional society to which i belong. This is my roadblock along the path to weightloss success, this can derail my plans, sending me spiralling back into unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. But will i allow it to? No i will not. Though i have sampled some desserts and plan to do so tonight also, i have been extremely conscious in what i choose to eat and also the portions that i eat. I have eaten at most half of what i have been served as an entree and have not overindulged on dessert either. Of course, the scale will tell the true tale when i do my weekly weigh in tomorrow, but until that time i will be confident that i have successfully manoeuvred around these roadblocks, albeit with some sideways movement, and continue down the road that i have so chosen.

In life, many roadblocks are thrown into our paths, but effectively negotiating them and continuing on our journey is a demonstration of the determination and will power that one needs in order to succeed.


Andrea said...

Good luck!!
I will admit that I am attempting ,hahaha, to loose the last few pounds of baby accumilated fat (plus a few more if possible) by doing the life style change theory. But when entering a restaurant ALL DIETING is thrown out the window - espescially if things are cheap!! Hello!! Food rules!!!
Desserts are my god!

Stunner said...

All the best with your goal. I'm trying to loose some fat myself and sculp my body.

Mad Bull said...

All the best with it, Kara.

search said...

thank God I'm not there...wouldn't have helped you one bit...LOL matter of fact, I would have suggested outings to more restaurants.

Don't worry though, as long as you realize it was a temporary set-back.

Good luck with the plan!

Marcus said...

Best of luck!