Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jamdown gonna Lead

So September will go on record as one of the bloodiest month's ever..... It can also be highlited as the month when we realized that Jamaica now tops the world in murder per capita, with some 60 murders per 100, 000 people, beating out Colombia and South Africa who were once ahead of us, but whose murder rate have been steadily declining, while ours steadily climbs!! It seems we are under the impression that this is a race with some reward for the eventual winner!!!

There were some especially disturbing incidences in the past month. There was an incident where three people were murdered, two women and a less than one year old baby and another where a man fired indiscriminately into a crowd at a football game, killing three patrons, including a 6 year old child. Once upon a time, women and children were spared the wrath of the gun, this is no more.

We are bringing in more policemen from Britain, first world expertise if u may, but as somebody in the media noted, they don't have much success with the "yardie" gangs in Britain, so what will make them have any at all with the "yardies" in yard....afterall, this is their playground!!

As the days go by, I get more disillusioned. I am however, not ready to give up on this beautiful island I call home!

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Mad Bull said...

It is sad, isn't it?