Sunday, January 30, 2005


This is my first ever BLOG. I decided to create one after reading of life in Iraq on other blogs.

I am female civil engineer living in Kingston, Jamaica.

I sometimes wonder if we are at war too? The first month of the year has not yet ended and there are already more than 100 people who have died violently at the hands of their countrymen. If this aint war then what is?

Strangely enough life, for the majority of jamaicans, is very ordinary. This morning i woke up just before 7 am and prepared myself for my tennis lesson at 9 am. I play tennis twice a week with a coach. Hopefully i will enter some amatuer tournaments by the summertime. I came home, rested a bit and then went to a day spa for a facial treatment. I then went to my workplace and put in over 3.5 solid hours of work, before going home to watch movies. I find it very difficult to do analytical stuff at work during the week. There are just too many distractions!!

So now, I am sitting here at this hour watching movies with my family and waiting for the male final of the aussie open to begin. I'm rooting for Hewitt!!! We have decided to make it a sleepless night, although i have already fallen asleep at least three times....but i am up now and feel like i can go till morning.

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BusyBlonde said...

I don’t know if leaving a comment on a post that is over 5 years old, is proper blog etiquette, but I had to let you know that I have been reading your blog over the past week and have finally read it in its entirety. I can’t believe that in reading it in reverse timeline, that all this time I wondered what you did in Jamaica for a living… to discover we share the same occupation, as Civil Engineers. I have taken an interest in your blog to learn more about everyday normal life in Jamaica, as my visit there this year did not open doors to anything more than how beautiful JA is and how wonderful the people were. I thank you for opening my eyes to the hardship you face as business woman in the mist of war among your people. I have the utmost respect for you and appreciate your facts, honesty and feelings for the country you love so much. I hope good prevails and you continue to blog, as you are providing an education into your world you cannot read in books. Bless.